Through the Garden Gate

“A stunning film of deer, foxes, barn owls, hawks, grass snakes and long-tailed tits growing up in the nearby gardens, orchards and fields, each season masterfully captured.”
Katherine MaCalister, The Oxford Times

“…as meticulously and lovingly recorded as the nature journals of The Reverend Gilbert White, rector of Selborne, two hundred years ago. Everyone should see it.”
David Cobham, Director ‘Tarka the Otter’

“….no haunting music to distract….a fantastic portrait of the wildlife that is all around us.”


“…a fantastic portrayal of our beautiful English wildlife, I can honestly say we have NEVER enjoyed a wildlife DVD as much as this one, I will be recommending it to likeminded friends… Thank you for the time and care in piecing this together with the natural sounds of the countryside rather than music. We will watch this DVD time and time again.
Lyn Mears, Kent

“….it is beautiful and I will enjoy watching it over and over again. A huge plus is the fact that there is no music, so many wildlife films/documentaries are spoiled, for me anyway, by indiscriminate use of background music.”
Gill Shepstone, Suffolk

“The DVD is a delight. I found it enthralling. Stay at home more often!”
Dr John Lloyd Parry, Edinburgh

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