Summer in the Meadow

Diary of a Vanishing World

Since 1945 we have lost 97% of our traditionally managed grasslands.

Cameraman Stephen de Vere films and narrates this personal and intimate portrait of some of the fields and meadows near his home.

From elusive deer, to a bee that nests in an empty shell, there are creatures to discover as fascinating as any found in a tropical forest.

“An uncut meadow in June is perhaps one the most unsung wonders of the British countryside.”

Out now on DVD and to stream and download in HD.

Summer in the Meadow poster DVD

DVD RELEASE DATE: 20th May 2018
Running time: 72 minutes
Format: DVD, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo 2/0, Pal TV
Region: All (Free) 0
Subtitles: English (Hard of hearing)
Audio: The narration can be turned off to make it easy to use in teaching or for watching the film while listening only to the natural sounds of nature.

Screenshots from the film:

Red-tailed mason bee
Red-tailed mason bee Osmia bicolor – camouflaging an empty snail shell, which it will use to make its nest in.
Fox carrying a field vole
Close encounter with a fox carrying a field vole.
great yellow bumblebee
The great yellow bumblebee, once common, is no longer found in English meadows.
Vetch aphids sap-sucking
Vetch aphids suck sap that makes them toxic to predators.
Roe deer buck
Roe deer buck scent marking by ‘fraying’ a thorn sapling.