Return to the River

Diary of a Wildlife Cameraman

BBC Frozen Planet and The Hunt cameraman Stephen de Vere films and narrates the insider guide to the wildlife of the British waterway.

Otter families, tiny water shrews, kingfishers and water voles – secret worlds just as poignant and fascinating as those he’s filmed on the African plains.

Kingfisher – “This is the female because the lower half of her beak is red.”

“My father loved and campaigned to protect the river. After he died I thought: How can I pick up where he left off ?”

Out now on DVD and to stream and download in HD.

RELEASE DATE: 16th December 2015
Running time: 72 minutes
Audio: The narration can be turned off to make it easy to use in teaching or for watching the film while enjoying just the natural sounds of nature.
Subtitles/Captions: English

River film DVD cover