Stephen de Vere is an Emmy and BAFTA winning wildlife cameraman, most well known for his work with Sir David Attenborough on the BBC’s Life in the Freezer, Life of Birds and Frozen Planet.

After a career spanning all seven continents, Stephen has returned to the landscape that first inspired him: the English countryside.

What started out as a way to fill in time between filming assignments overseas has become a series of independent, hand-crafted documentaries focusing on British wildlife much nearer to home.

In each of his films, he explores the UK’s hidden wildlife, capturing the extraordinary worlds and secret dramas that few of us ever see.

Barn owl hunting

The first film Through the Garden Gate began as the result of a pair of wild barn owls moving into a neighbour’s attic to nest.

Otter (lutra lutra)

The second film Return to the River came about following a lucky tip-off of an otter sighting – a very difficult animal to see or film in rivers.


A third film Summer in the Meadow takes a closer look at some of the fields featured in the first film and was released on DVD in 2018.

Little owls

No presenter, no music, no false drama. It’s the next best thing to being there.

The style of the films is unhurried, immersive, straightforward, honest, sometimes personal. The story is told by the cameraman and seen from his point of view.