Little owls
Little owl youngsters getting ready to leave the nest.

What started out as a way to fill in time between filming assignments for BBC natural history programmes, is turning into a series of independent, hand-crafted British wildlife documentaries by British wildlife cameramen Stephen de Vere, known for his work on nature documentaries ranging from Life in the Freezer, Life of Birds to Yellowstone, Frozen Planet and The Hunt.

The first film Through the Garden Gate began as the result of a pair of wild barn owls moving into a neighbour’s attic to nest.

The second film Return to the River came about following a lucky tip-off of an otter – a very difficult animal to see or film in freshwater habitats.

A third film Summer in the Meadow is due for release early in 2018.

The style of the films is straightforward, honest, sometimes personal. The story is told by the cameraman and seen from his point of view.

No presenter, no music, no false drama, no special effects. It is the next best thing to being there.

British Nature Films is not just for lovers of Britain’s wildlife, it’s also for all those who want to be inspired about the wildlife near where they live.